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About KaiKong

Beijing KaiKong Control and Tianjin JRB are located in the central area of the most active economic circle, the core corridor of the integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, with unique geographical advantages. Our company is well-known Flying Cold Saw and Roll Forming machine manufacture in northern China. Over the years, the company invest to create advanced equipment manufacturing concept of research and development, design, production, quality management and after-sales service capabilities. KaiKong committed to providing customers with high-quality machinery and equipment. Since 2009, the company established its own factory to produce KK series Flying Cold Saw and KK-RF series Roll Forming machine, our products are sold to more than 20 provinces in China, and exported to 30+ countries and regions oversea, such as (Asia)South Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, (America)the United States, Mexico, (Europe)Greece, Poland, (Africa)South Africa, Egypt,… Hundreds of sets of equipment technology advanced and stability is recognized by our customers.

Just as China's economy is dynamic, KaiKong is a dynamic team. Our team exist because of the customer' existence, and developing with our customer’s grows. "People-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" is our business philosophy. "Customer-affinity" is our value norms. "Efficiency creates value, details determine success" is our working policy. "To provide customers with high-quality Chinese machines" is our vision.

Our team is always waiting for you, and choosing KaiKong will be your visionary decision


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