High Speed C-forming

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C section steel is a kind of structure steel widely used in construction industry. Because of the big needs and standard shape, C-section manufacturers need the C-section forming machine has a fast speed to achieve a good production capacity.

This C-section forming machine

☆ Max production speed: 80 meters per minute;
Section size range: 60*30*10 ~ 200*100*20Thickness range: 2.0 ~ 4.0mm
☆ Roll: Utility rolls, spacer adjusts width
☆ Length of cutting: 3 to 15 meters
☆ Precision of length: ±1.5mm
☆ Number of stands: 15 stands
☆ Transmission: Double AC motor, independent T-type drive for each shaft
We have video, see High speed C forming and cutting

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