On-line Production

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In the production of roll forming profile, some applications require the secondary processing, such as punching holes and margin by off-line operation, such as guardrails and borders. The combination of automatic technology and roll forming technology enables us to directly produce final products online. The following figure shows what the customer actually needs.

The traditional production process begins with forming and cutting on-line, then with 2 times hole punching, 1 time margin punching and 1 time stamping at off-line. In our system, the servo motor is used to drive the forming machine, the strip is pre-punched before entering the main machine, the optical fiber sensor detects the edge of the hole, the servo motor is accurately positioned, and the positioning accuracy is
 ±0.2mm. Through the integrated hydraulic punching machine, cutting machine and punching machine, the product can be completely finished on-line at one time.

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