C-Section punching machine

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This machine is designed for punching C-forming section off-line in complet automatic mode. 
☆ Feeding and discharging are respectively on both sides to maximize punching efficiency.

☆ No maximum segment length and minimum hole spacing limitation, set the number of hole arbitrarily. Material thickness 0.5~4mm.

☆ High speed hydraulic punching by accumulator, achieve up to three side punching with different holes distance.

☆ Punching and clamping mould can be replaced to suit various types of materials.

☆ Double servo motors equipped with high precision planetary reducer, driven by gear and rack, hole spacing accuracy ±0.5mm.

☆ Maximum speed of feeding carriage is 100 m/min.

☆ Total automatic running by Kaikong’s run-in and run out table.
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