KK-5H Cold saw

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The speed and efficiency of tube mill production line is always an important reference index for the customer to measure the investment-income ratio. For small pipe diameter and thin-walled pipe to be valued by weight, the production speed is the primary factor that decides the customer to purchase. KK-5H high - speed flying cold saw was developed by KaiKong to meet the requirement of high - speed thin wall pipe.
KK-5H is driven by synchronous belt saw, and the carriage servo motor is placed on the fixed base. The carriage is made of aluminum alloy, which greatly reduces the weight of the saws. With the high power servo motor, the flying saw can reach 150 m/min at the highest speed. At the same time, KK-5H can also be used for short pipe cutting on line.
Max. Speed 150m/min
Max. Cutting Tube Round ø50mm, Square 40*40mm
Max. Cutting Thickness 1.2mm
Max./Min. Cutting Length 0.2m / 104.8m
Application Materials
  • Tensile Strength Under 350MPa
Carriage Drive By Synchronous Belt
Clamp 2 Group Driven by Air, Sleeve
Blade HSS, Diameter 300mm
Dimension 3700*1250*1000mm,forming bottom line 650mm

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