KK hydraulic press cut-off

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Type Die cutter by hydraulic cylinder with running type 
Max Speed 80m/min
Press cutter Die set mould cutter
Mould material Cr12 heat treatment
Cutting actuator By hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic accumulator
Die set mould One mould for one size
Table running motor AC servo motor (11kw/1500rpm)
Table running method AC servo motor – Spiral bevel gear – Spiral bevel rack gear
Emergency stopper Buffer rubber block x 2
Hydraulic station Included(Yuken hydraulic station SMC pneumatic parts)
Motor of hydraulic station 15 kw
Diameter of cylinder 250 mm*15MPa
Platform up/down, left/right tuning By motor, max. 100mm adjustable. Up/Down: 6 position
Front/Rear: 2 position
Lubrication By manual grease gun
Dimension 3500*950*1500 (Rack length: 3.0m)
Frame Welded steel plate and 100 steel channel
Electric components brand AC servo motor: YASAKAWA
Motion Controller: Kaikong
PLC & Low voltage: SIEMENS
Touch panel: Kinco
Quantity 1 set
Electric AC380V/50Hz/3P

This type of cut off is widely used in steel rod cutting-off, section steel cutting-off.

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